CATIA V5 Composites Part Manufacturing (5CM)

5CM CATIA V5 Composites Part Manufacturing
Zielgruppe: Composites Manufacturing Designer
Voraussetzung: Grundkenntnisse V5 (5BK), Grundkenntnisse Flächen (5SF)
Lernziel: Manufacturing Design für Composites


  • Verständnis der herstellungsrelevanten Daten beim Composites Prozess
  • Erstellung der Herstellungsdaten-Struktur auf Basis der Engineering-Daten-Struktur
  • Modifizierung der Herstellungsdaten-Struktur
  • Synchronisierung der Verknüpfung zwischen dem Manufacturing Part und dem Engineering Part
  • Plybook erstellen

Detaillierte Kursinhalte anzeigen

5CM - Detaillierte Kursinhalte:

Composite Part Manufacturing workbench presentation:

Accessing the workbench,
General presentation,
CPM manufacturing detail design tools,
Composite part manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Detail Design 1:

Composites catalog,
Laminate parameter,
Manufacturing data structure,
Manufacturing surface swapping.

Manufacturing Detail Design 2:

Plies group,
Manual plies creation,
Limit contour,
Check contours,
Interactive ply table,
Edge of part,
Material Excess,
Stagger origin points.

Manufacturing Detail Design 3:

Ply exploder,
3D sections,
On the fly composites information,
Managing the part,
Ply table,
Numerical analysis.

Manufacturing Detail Design 4:

3D multisplice creation,
Butt splice – no splice,
Gap offset,
Producibility analysis,
Inspection tool,
Flatten optimization,
Stacking unfold,
Geometry transfer.

Manufacturing Detail Design 5:

Mirrored part,
Merge stacking,
Ply export,
Ply book,
Composites options.

DMU Composites review