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CATIA V5 Composites Part Engineering (5CE)

5CE CATIA V5 Composites Part Engineering
Zielgruppe: Composites Part Designer
Voraussetzung: Grundkenntnisse V5 (5BK), Grundkenntnisse Flächen (5SF)
Lernziel: Design von Composites


  • Erstellung der Composite Parameter
  • Designstart für Composite Teile unter Verwendung des Zonen-Ansatzes und des Solid-Ansatzes
  • Composite Teile generieren vom Designstart bis zum detaillierten Design
  • Plybook erstellen

Detaillierte Kursinhalte anzeigen

5CE - Detaillierte Kursinhalte:

Composite Part Engineering workbench presentation:

Accessing the workbench,
General presentation,
CPE Preliminary design tools,
CPE Detail Design tools,
Composite Part Engineering process.

Preliminary Design 1:

Composite catalog,
Laminate parameters,
Zone-based design,
Zones parameters,
Transition zones.

Preliminary Design 2:

Connection generator,
Imposed thickness point (ITP),
ITP height,
Import laminate,
Solid and top surface from zones,
Associative solid and top surface from zones,
Drop off,
Numerical analysis from zones.

Engineering Detail Design 1:

Stack-up file from zones,
Plies creation from zones,
Slicing group,
Plies creation from slicing,
Limit contour,
Import staggering data file.

Engineering Detail Design 2:

Plies Group,
Manual plies creation,
Interactive ply table,
Ply exploder,
3D sections,
On the fly composites information,
Check contours.

Engineering Detail Design 3:

Numerical Analysis,
Core Sample,
Managing the part,
Symmetry creation,
Ply table,
Import ply table.

Engineering Detail Design 4:

Edge of part,
Solid from plies,
Add material to ply,
Inner mold line from plies,
3D multi splice creation,
Butt splice – no splice,
Producibility Analysis,
Inspection tool,
Define stagger origin points.

Engineering Detail Design 5:

Mirrored part,
3D annotations,
Ply export,
Ply book,
Composite options.

DMU Composites review

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