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EWE Weboberfläche 3DEXPERIENCE

ENOVIA Weboberfläche Icon X3DCSMA
Zielgruppe:Allgemeine 3DEXPERIENCE-Anwender


Lernziel:Datenverwaltung und Datensichtung mit der Weboberfläche von 3DEXPERIENCE


  • Benutzereinstellungen
  • Collaborative Spaces
  • Kompass
  • Suche in der Datenbank
  • Viewing
  • Stücklisten sichten

Detaillierte Kursinhalte anzeigen

EWE – Detaillierte Kursbeschreibung:

What is the 3DEXPERIENCE platform,
The 3DEXPERIENCE platform capabilites,
Introduktion to the graphical user interface of ENOVIA,
About the ENOVIA homepage.

Using the top bar:

The me menue,
The add menue,
The share menue,
The home menue.

Browsing the top bar menus and commands:

Searching for objects:
The search functionality,
Real time searching,
About the search window,
Indexed searching,
APP specific searching,
Saving the search results,
Retrieving the saved search.

Creating and using 6WTags:

Using the 3DCompass:
Introduction to the compass,
The 3DCompass quadrants,
My socail and collaborative apps,
My favorite apps.

About the app menue:

About 3DSpace:
How to access the 3DSpace,
Downloading or deleting a document from a collaborative space.

About 3DSwym:

About 3DMessaging:

Setting preferences using the me menu:

About tabular pages:
Page elements of a tabular page.

Expanding rows in structured pages:

About powerview pages:

Listing objects using the compass:

Listing objects using the app menu:



  • Views
  • Display modes
  • Measurements
  • Sections


  • Views
  • Display modes
  • Ambiences
  • Structure tree
  • Image capture
  • Slides
  • Annotations
  • Measurements
  • Sections

Explore Bill of Material (BOM):

Display modes,
Customize table view,
BOM chart view,
Import BOM,
Export BOM,
Edit BOM,
Compare BOMs,
BOM Reports.

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