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ECL ENOVIA Collaborative Lifecycle Management Essentials

ENOVIA Collaborative Livecycle Management Essential
Zielgruppe:Konstrukteure, Produktentwickler


Lernziel:Produktstrukturen im Virtual Produkt Management verwalten


  • Interoperabilität zwischen ENOVIA VPM und CATIA V6
  • Handhabung von Dokumenten in CATIA V6
  • Reifegrad und Lebenszyklus
  • Konfigurieren einer Produktstruktur
  • Synchronisieren einer Produktstruktur
  • Varianten einer Produktstruktur erzeugen

Detaillierte Kursinhalte anzeigen

ECL - Detaillierte Kursinhalte:

Getting Started to the Collaboration Lifecycle Management App:
    Introduction to the Collaboration Lifecycle Management App,
    About the Action Bar,
    Browsing through the User Interface,
    Expanding the Tree,
    Refreshing and Collapsing the Tree,
    Keeping Objects in the Tree,
    Removing Objects from the Tree,
    Lesson Summary.

Creating and Saving a New Product Structure:
    Creating New Content,
    Save Management,
    Saving Scope,
    Saving Panel,
    Exercise: Create a Product Structure:
        Download the Course Data,
        Set a New Connection,
        Log In to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform,
        Set the Preferences,
        Import the Product Structure,
        Open the Collaborative Lifecycle App,
        Customize the Design Window Background,
        Add a new Product,
        Save the Product,
    Lesson Summary.

Managing the Product Structure:
    Reserving and Unreserving objects,
    Deleting Content,
    Changing Maturity of objects,
        Understanding the Maturity Graph,
        Promoting an Object,
        Creating a new Revision,
        Creating a new Revision from an existing Content,
        Creating a new Minor Revision,
        Creating an Evolution,
    Managing Rights and Ownerships,
        Changing Content Responsible,
        Transferring Ownership,
        Managing Access Rights,
    Modifying Attributes,
    Modifying Mass Attributes using the Sheet Editor,
    Exercise: Modify a Product Structure:
        Reserve a Product,
        Change the Maturity,
        Modify a Parameter,
        Save the Modification,
    Lesson Summary.

Working with Physical-Engineering BOM Collaboration:
    Understanding the Collaboration,
    Collaboration from Collaborative Lifecycle (VPMBOM <-> EBOM),
    Comparing a Product Structure with its Associated EBOM,
    Exercise: Collaborate with Engineering BOM:
        Collaborate with Engineering BOM Management,
        Launch the Engineering BOM Management Interface,
        Check the Collaboration Result,
    Lesson Summary.

Managing Documents:
    About Creating Documents,
    About Document Types,
    Creating a New Document,
    Creating and Updating Documents using Drag-and-Drop,
    Attaching Documents,
    Viewing attached Documents,
    Managing Documents changes,
    Checking in and Checking out Documents,
    Exercise: Create a Document:
        Search the Product Structure,
        Create a Word Document,
        Attach a Document,
        See the attached Document,
    Lesson Summary.

Managing the Variants for a Product Structure:
    Introduction to the Variant Management,
    Publication Rules,
    Variants in Lifecycle Management,
    Creating a Product Configuration,
    Applying a Product Configuration in a Product Structure,
    Exercise: Configure a Product:
        Launch the Variant Management interface,
        Login to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform,
        Create a New Product Line,
        Create a Model for the Product Line,
        Create a Product Revision,
        Create Configuration Features,
        Set Toggle Mandatory for the Configuration Features,
        Create Configuration Options,
        Promote the Features,
        Attach the Configuration context to the Product,
        Edit the Effectivities,
        Save the Changes,
        Check the Effectivities,
        Open the Product Finder App,
        Filter the Product using Configuration Criteria,
        Create a First Product Configuration,
        Save the Changes,
        Filter the Product using a Product Configuration,
        Create a second Product Configuration,
        Filter the Product using a Product Co.

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